Friday, April 30, 2010

6 Months

Is it really true? My baby girl is 6 mo. - 1/2 way to a yr. old! :(

Well, the time sure does go by fast! I remember just finding out that I was having a GIRL! She has filled our lives and days with lots of laughter. She has the funniest BIG personality for her size! :) Let's just say God knew what she would need to handle her big brother! She has no problem letting us know if he's doing something she doesn't like ... cracks us up!

At 6 mo. she is eating really well! Drinking 6 oz. of milk every 2 1/2 - 3 hrs. & she LOVES her cereal, veggies & fruit! Sleeping 11 - 12 hrs. at night, such an awesome sleeper. We just need to work on a nap schedule. It's getting better but still not consistent. She just loves to sleep all the time, Ha!

This picture makes me laugh just something about it...

shes like excuse me ... cant you see I'm trying to play here,
but okay I'll still look cute for the picture! :)

She is getting so BIG!

Thursday, April 1, 2010


First tooth & potty trained.

So, Honour is already 5 mo. & weighing in at 16 lbs. right now! :) Yep, she really enjoys her food but I have to admit her chubby arms & legs are just too cute! She is still a super good baby and a GREAT sleeper. I'm super blessed! :)

She has been teething for a while now and March 29 was the big day. Her first bottom tooth broke through! Yayyy! :) That's always so exciting! The second one isn't far behind either. You can already see the white on the surface! She has been such a trooper during this time! How did I get blessed with TWO good teether's! Thank you Lord! :):)

There is no use in straighting her up, Ha!
She always goes right back to this position. :)

I just LOVE those eyes!

... and Slade, fully potty trained! WOW, I didn't know if this day would ever come, Ha! He has been pooping on the potty for several months now but that's all he would do. Well, since the beginning of March he has been completely potty trained and wearing "big boy" underwear! It was a bitter sweat moment. My baby boy running around in underwear, ugh! Only makes him look that much older now! :( We are super proud of him though!

I don't get many pictures like this of him.
I just LOVE it!

This is what I usually get, Ha!
Him being goofy ... boys, love them!