Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I took this picture of Slade last night while he was playing in the bathtub. I thought it was too cute and had to share! :)

Monday, February 16, 2009


This year Valentine's Day was a little more exciting! Slade being in MDO we were told he would need a decorated shoe box for his "first" Valentines party. Aunt Summer was excited to be able to take part in this. I have to say it looked pretty amazing! Slade came home with his box filled with cards, candy & cookies. They had strawberries & Chick-fil-a at their party, Slade's two favorite things to eat! :)

Thanks Aunt Summer ... you did a great job! :)

Saturday, the big day Slade wasn't feeling to well. He was suffering from some major pain caused by 3 teeth that are trying to break through. I did enjoy just sitting on the couch holding my baby something he doesn't ever let me do. Ha! After his nap he was feeling a little better and decided he was ready to leave the house. He went to the garage door and said "bye-bye". I said you want to go bye-bye? He then replied with "Dad ... Na-Na" that's what he picked to call my mom and dad:). I went to pack his bag so we could go over for a visit when I heard the door open. I walked in there and he again said "bye-bye" funny little kid, he was ready and tired of waiting.

Aunt Summer showed up a little bit later and brought Slade lots of goodies and it was so neat to watch him get so excited pulling everything out one by one. He's favorite being the food of course! :)

A few special things from Aunt Summer! :)

Slade's version of chocolate covered strawberries...
(strawberries & chocolate graham crackers)

Enjoying some hugs & kisses (watermelon)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Slade is very hands on when it comes to exploring new things. He watches very closely and it only takes him watching you 1 time to know what to do! My mom has been painting her house over the past couple of weeks and Slade has become very fond of a paint brush. He likes to act like he's painting everything. Well, earlier today while I was at work I received a text from my mom saying, "Slade's art work with paint" ...

Slade's Masterpiece

There was a good ending to all the mess ... it all came up!:)

Monday, February 9, 2009


Well, Saturday night we went and had dinner with Collin, Slade's Godfather. On Dec. 3 he was in a very bad car accident (the very day I told him we had chosen "him" to be Slade's Godfather). He has been through many very serious surgeries and we are just thankful to still have him with us today. God has big plans for him I'm sure! Collin and I became really good friends through my pregnancy and the way he took to Slade was only a God thing. Him and Slade are crazy about each other and I just enjoy watching their bond growing stronger!

Dinner at El Fenix

Saturday night Slade got a very special present from Collin ... Little Tike's Police Car! :) Jeff is in the Police Academy and so this was a pretty neat gift that we all enjoyed. When Slade saw the box he got so excited and started smiling and clapping his hands, funny little kid!

Slade was so excited!

This has quickly become a favorite around our house. Thanks Collin, We Love You!