Saturday, April 2, 2011

Daddy & Legos

Legos are the going thing around our house!
We have all kinds! Regular legos, police legos, firetruck legos, & LOT'S of Star Wars legos!

Slade has recently picked up on the fact that Northpark has a Lego store and now every time I mention were going to the mall he quickly asks which one. When I reply with Northpark he says, "I LOVE Northpark", Ha! He LOVES the lego store!

Every time we go in and buy something daddy gets the privilege of putting it together when we get home!:)

AND, you can't forget the popcorn!:)
Slade is an awesome lego supervisor, Ha!

Nothing better than popcorn and legos!

He's a boy with an imagination! I love it!

All finished!!

Sometimes legos can be a little stressful especially when you have a little sister who likes to steal your little guys and take them apart BUT when I see the smiles that come with a finished piece and all the fun he has with them makes it all worth it!