Monday, January 24, 2011

The Tooth

It happen!
One of my biggest fears.

Honour's right front tooth, chipped!

After many tears and feeling sick to my stomach I came to terms that my baby girl wasn't going to be flawed forever and that she was still just perfect in my eyes!

AND I know looking back years from now,
I will laugh that she was the one to put me through this!:)

She is so different than her brother!
So, a chipped tooth! Well, lets just say it kind of fits her, Ha!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Christmas Fun, 2010

Christmas this year was so much fun!

We started off our Christmas fun going to the Gaylord Ice with the Dekold's.
It was really crowded but we still had a great time. The boys had so much fun even though they could hardly move in the big coats!
They really enjoyed going down the ice slide!:)

We enjoyed all the ice and then had a great time just hanging out around the hotel & going to see the big gingerbread house!

Watching the trains!

This year Slade was all about "trains" so we thought it would be a great idea to take him to the trains at Northpark.
Slade & Honour both had a great time! I enjoyed so much watching them get so excited together about all the trains!:)

Christmas Eve
We always start the evening off by going to church and remembering the real reason that we celebrate! Then afterwards we head to Dallas for a Mexican Christmas! We get to eat yummy tamales and hang out with family.

Our family at church on Christmas Eve.

Honour is funny when it comes to guys she wont let them hold her. However, she loved my cousin. She studied him forever and then she finally reached out for him.
It was pretty sweet and he was so happy!:)

Christmas morning we headed to the Fire Station to see Uncle Josh.
Slade was super excited about going to see the "firetruck". Uncle Josh even gave us a ride in it and turned the sirens on. Slade thought it was all just awesome!

Then it was time to go to my mom & dads for Christmas lunch and present opening!
Honour was trying to figure out what was going on & poor baby she was coming down with the stomach virus Christmas Day.
After she opened all her presents she spent the rest of the time sleeping.

Christmas this year with Slade was so much fun!
He was so happy and grateful for everything!
He made sure after he opened each gift from everyone he went and gave them a hug.
It was so sweet!:)

Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas as we did!:)