Thursday, February 3, 2011

Being a mommy

The greatest job there is...

I have to often remind myself of this as my days are consumed with snacks, toys, messes, & crying and the everyday routines of two children.

My passion for 2011 is to be the BEST mommy that I can be as I am helping them become who God created them to be!

I've recently been reading "You are Captivating" and "Bringing up Boys" - I LOVE that I have been blessed with both boy & girl.
Each one of them different but yet similar in so many ways!

During this week of being trapped in the house I've gotten to see a friendship being developed between Slade & Honour that sometimes I'm too busy to see!:)

Today Slade & Honour were playing in his room and as I entered to put some clothes up I was blessed with a sweet moment,
Honour walks over to Slade gives him a hug and says, "I love you"!
Made me smile and reminded me this job I do as a mom - it's amazing!!:)

My boy...
He has a way of taking ALL my energy!:)
Boys: when they do things that irritate you--and they will--smile,
from "You are Captivating".
This was good for me to read ... I think I'm going to post it somewhere, Ha!

My girl...
She has a way of making herself known!
She can be so sweet and dainty and then turn around and hold her own in a wrestling match with her brother!:)
I love being a mom!
I love watching them interact all while developing a great bond AND as their mom I want to make sure that I am always there in the big & small moments!:)