Thursday, July 1, 2010

Honour, 8 months

New & big things are starting to happen in your life now...

You have gone from being this little baby that I could hold and cuddle to being very active!
The crawling hasn't officially started yet but you have no problem getting where and what you want by turning and scooting!

We have also been experiencing all the fun that comes with "separation issues",
for some reason you think my days should only consist of holding and caring for you!:)

I do LOVE the personalty that you have come to develop BUT it does remind me daily that you are definitely a little girl, Ha!

I just love a sleeping baby ... so sweet!
You still love your sleep and are such a great sleeper!
At times when you are fine but just wanting to be held and crying I put you in your bed which I don't think gets the point across because you just go right to sleep.
It's not punishment for you, Ha!

You've seen your first fireworks show and not a surprise you LOVED it!:)
God knew what He was doing when He gave you your personalty!
He knew just what you would need with an older brother.
You have no problems hanging with him...
That night made me realize you ARE a little "FIRECRACKER":)

Buggy time!
So long carrier...
You just love sitting up and looking around at everything.
Your brother has also enjoyed this very much! I think he feels like you are more like him!:)

Yep, you have entered the world of "cheerios"
You eat them like a pro:)
It sure does make dinner time more enjoyable for you!
No more sitting in your empty highchair watching all of us eat.
You can now munch away with us!

8 months!
Look at you - such a big girl!