Monday, June 8, 2009


Yesterday Slade's Godparents, Collin & Summer took him to hang out & have some fun. It was National Godparents Day and they wanted to do something EXTRA special for him. After church we all went to eat and then they were off for some "special" fun! He spent the day going to Chuck-E-Cheese and then after lots of fun they also took him to Bahama Bucks! I think they just spoiled him a little! :) He was so excited about the trip and after the long mommy lecture I gave these two they were off with my son, ugh! Ha! I managed and I knew he would have so much fun! :)

He was on his way ...

Amazed at all the different stuff to play with!

Look at my child?? Ha! Yep, he wouldn't have gotten away with this if mommy & daddy had been there. Cute though! :)

Aunt Summer & Slade

He LOVES smoothies at Bahama Bucks! :)

Collin & Slade

He fell asleep on the ride home ...worn out from all the fun :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


While I was cooking dinner Monday night Jeff and Slade were playing around the house. Slade looks so forward to Jeff coming home in the evenings! When he hears his truck and Lance starts barking he will run to the garage door and say "daddy" until Jeff walks in! :) While playing Slade was feeling like a snack so he came in the kitchen and I gave him some cheerios to munch on while I continued to prepare dinner. I told him to go sit in his chair and while eating his cheerios and watching TV with daddy he fell asleep at 7:20! He was out for the night and there was no waking him ...
Notice the snack cup ... he never lost his grip! :)

Too precious!

Monday, June 1, 2009

May & Swimming

Wow! I cant believe it's already June ... where is the time going?? May was a relaxing and trying month all at the same time. Jeff finally graduated from the Police Academy which got us back to enjoying family evenings and weekends. It has been so nice having him home every evening and now I realize how much of a help he was! :) The trying part was that the week that we were supposed to close on our house the buyer backed out. Which left us 1/2 packed and a few things we had already sold that we would not be needing after the move. It was not a fun time and we are still very much in limbo right now which I can't stand because I am very much of an in order kind of person and my house is driving me CRAZY! Ha! O'well I try to stay positive and know that God sees the bigger picture. I know we will get through it!

This past weekend I decided we would take Slade swimming for the 1st time this Summer. He LOVES playing in the bathtub so I thought he would love the swimming pool. Well, not so much! He was not wanting to have anything to do with swimming. It will probably take him a little while to get use to the whole swimming idea. I'm sure he will be loving it by the time Summer is ending! Ha! However, he did enjoy just hanging out around the pool throwing everything in and eating! I can't wait for this Summer to be in full swing ... he is going to be so much fun this year!

Daddy trying to convince Slade the water is fun!

Slade and Aunt Summer enjoying some watermelon by the pool!

Trying to figure out what this is all about ...