Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sand & Water

To boys there is just nothing better!

During servolution week we had the opportunity to hang with Gavin and the boys had so much fun as they always do!

I absolutely LOVE being a mommy to a boy! It brings so much adventure in a whole different way:)

They thought it was so funny to lay down and roll around in the sand.
Slade enjoys doing anything that gets him all dirty, ALL boy!:)

...and they actually both looked at me - those are hard to come by, ha!

See what I mean! O'well they had a great time and that makes me happy!:)

Why is it that just playing in the sand isn't enough, ha!
Obviously, it's more fun if your throwing it, pouring it on your friend, or throwing it out of the sand box! :)

Slade managed to get himself covered from head to toe!
Which meant water time before going back in the house ...

Getting rinsed off!

This was just as much fun as playing in the sand!
They were having so much fun running around and coming back for more.
"again" - that's what they kept saying:)

So, sand & water ... makes for a great summer day with friends and you can tell by their faces they enjoyed every minute of it!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Honour, 7 months

I just can't believe my baby is already 7 mo.!

Honour, you are such an amazing little girl!
At 7 mo. you have the biggest personality and are so, so cute.
You are doing so many things...

You are sitting up great, smiling ALL the time and
just this past week you have started baby talk . It is super cute!
You CAN say "da-da" and you get so excited!:)

You LOVE playing with your brother and his toys and
for some reason his toys are much cooler than yours!:)

You two are so cute together ... and Slade is so sweet to you and always makes sure
you don't get anything that would hurt you, Makes me smile!

You tried and tried to get in that bucket, ha!

Yep, you have an older brother!

You are such a good and easy baby!
You were actually sitting up playing and happen to fall back on that pillow!
You just went with it, ha!

This is your "best friend" Emory!
Y'all get so excited when you see each other!
It's really cute!

You LOVE your stroller which makes me happy!:)

Water baby...
That's you!:)
You love your baths and any time you can just get some play time!
You LOVE to splash the water so that it gets all
over your face ... it's so funny!

You are growing way to fast but I love the age that you are at right now!
You are so much fun and continue to add many smiles and laughs
to our family!

We love you Honour Grace!