Thursday, July 23, 2009

San Antonio

Well, we took our first family trip to San Antonio and had a blast. We spent the weekend relaxing and enjoying watching Slade have so much fun! Being parents is the most amazing thing ever! Sure puts more meaning into every thing you do!

Saturday we woke up had some breakfast and headed out to the San Antonio Zoo. Slade loves seeing all the animals and running around. He is a quick one though and scared me a few times. I like to just keep him strapped in his stroller! Ha!

Feeding the fish in the pond. Slade LOVED dropping the food down!

In the petting zoo trying to brush the goats hair. Every time he would get close the goat would run away! Ha! He just didn't understand. :)

It was nice and HOT!

Slade smiling "big" He cracks me up! :)

On Sunday we also took Slade to Sea World. We had the BEST time ever! We have been to Sea World a couple of times but it was like being there for the first time ever with Slade. It was so neat to see him get so amazed with every thing. Oh, and of course my son would fall asleep right before the "Shamu show" I had been waiting ALL DAY to see his reaction to Shamu and he falls asleep while were waiting for the show to start! Ha! We were able to catch another showing and he stayed awake! :)

He insisted on holding on to the side of the stroller. Slowed us down A LOT but it was so cute to watch! :)

He was amazed at the wall size aquarium and loved watching all the big fish swim by. They also had sharks in the tanks and he LOVED them!

We had so much fun and yes did LOTS of walking. Sea World was nice because they have lot's of shows which gave me a good reason to take some time and sit. Slade also enjoyed walking down by the river walk and seeing all the water. Fun times!