Friday, February 12, 2010


So we have spent the last 2 days freezing outside but having so much fun! It has been extremely special watching the snow falling and covering the ground because it has made Slade so happy! I couldn't wait for him to wake up Thursday morning! His 1st time to really ever experience snow and it was priceless! One of the many reasons I enjoy being a mommy! Makes every thing a little more special! :)

Snow Day #1

Slade became very good friends with Sam, the snowman. :) After getting ready for bed while I was putting him down he asked "where's Sam" I told him Sam was outside and he then replied "I want to give him a hug" It's going to be a sad day when Sam melts away! :(

Talking to Sam

One of my favorites!

Our backyard ... so pretty!

Snow Day #2

We spent the day at my moms house playing out in the snow ... Slade & Jeff just can't get enough of it! :) Honour and I like to stay inside where it's nice and warm! :)

Playing with Aunt Summer in the snow.

... and of course it wouldn't be any fun without cars :)

But we just couldn't leave Honour out completely! She had to take her 1st pictures in the snow and might I add she is wearing the same hat that Slade wore his 1st snow day!

Mom, Slade & Honour ... I Love them so much!

We will all be sad when all the snow has melted away and we see no more white but we have made some wonderful memories and have had a great time! Thank you Lord for the snow! :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

3 mo. & the BIG bed ...

Yep, that's right 3 mo.! I can't believe it ... where did my little baby go? Honour has brought SO much more joy & happiness to our family! We are now blessed with double and loving every minute of it! I told my mom how amazing it was that you can LOVE two kids SO much! I remember talking to my mom one day after having Slade and saying how can I ever love another as much as I love him? Well, it happened! :)

Honour is a really good baby, happy and always smiling! I do have to admit though a little more demanding than Slade ever was but that's okay! :) It's crazy how two kids can be so different! She has the most amazing personalty and keeps us laughing all the time. We just love her to pieces!

That face just melts my heart!

... and now Slade has moved into his "big boy bed" I was so nervous about it because I was afraid that he would get down and not stay in his bed. It just seemed like a lot for a little guy to take in ... stay in your bed, sleep on your pillow, and stay under the covers. Slade was all over his baby bed and so I had lots of concerns but he's done GREAT! Such a big boy and it was so cute the first night watching him on the monitor tuck himself in and cover up! My little boy is growing up way too fast! :(

1st night

Then the other day I heard Slade in his room "no cry Yoda" I was busy in the living room when he came walking out saying "shh, Yoda's nite-nite" he had turned his noise maker on, pulled back the covers tucked Yoda in and turned off the light. Too cute...

Yoda, all tucked away! :)