Monday, January 24, 2011

The Tooth

It happen!
One of my biggest fears.

Honour's right front tooth, chipped!

After many tears and feeling sick to my stomach I came to terms that my baby girl wasn't going to be flawed forever and that she was still just perfect in my eyes!

AND I know looking back years from now,
I will laugh that she was the one to put me through this!:)

She is so different than her brother!
So, a chipped tooth! Well, lets just say it kind of fits her, Ha!


The Mershawn's said...

That totally happened to us. Parker's front tooth got chipped when she was about 2, on the fireplace. It was a little traumatic, but the it gets worn down pretty quick & you forget all about it:). And...she IS beautiful!

~SHO~ said...

She still looks like a beautiful little doll. Love her!