Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hay Bales

They have always been a "big deal" to our family.

When Jeff was younger this is what he spent his summer's doing.
He would work all day hauling hay bales and this summer Slade has shown an interest for them. He's been asking questions and wanting to stop and touch them!

There are lots of them around where my mom lives and the other day on our way back to her house, we stopped!:)

Slade was SUPER excited!!!

She was just enjoying running in the field!
I love her "LOVE" for outdoors and adventure!

They were about 12 hay bales in a row and they were running them but these 2 had a big gap so Alex would stop and swing Slade across.
Slade LOVED it!

Crys & her mini me!:)

Taking a rest from all the running!
Sometimes its the unplanned stops that are so fun and memorable.:)

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